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Sometimes we can find ourselves in a situation in which we need money urgently, to cover an unforeseen event and not have enough savings or liquidity. These are exceptional circumstances, in which the hiring of a quick credit can get us out of a hurry, especially due to the immediacy of the operation. However, we should not resort to this financing model usually and much less to give ourselves a whim, since the interest of fast loans is very high.

Get an online loan direct payday lender now

They are online loans direct payday lender with an instant decision online, which are characterized by the speed at which we can obtain them. While a consumer credit can take up to a month to be granted, quick credits are granted in less than 15 minutes.

1 How much money can I request with a quick credit?

The maximum amount will depend on whether it is a quick mini-credit, whose maximum amount is estimated at around 1,200 euros for former customers and 750 euros for new ones, or if it is a quick credit, the maximum amount can amount to up to 5,000 euros, like the Fast Credit Currency Now.

2 Where can we get a quick credit?

One of the main reasons behind the speed of this type of credit is its online recruitment. The absence of intermediaries and their low level of paperwork allows the process of granting financing to be streamlined. In addition, although traditional banking continues to be the main option for Spaniards, when applying for credit an urgent loan, we will have to go to a private equity company.

3 How much does an urgent loan cost?

Fast mini-credits usually have an interest of 1.1% per day, so if we request a microloan of 100 euros to be returned in 30 days, we will have to pay a total of 33 euros in interest. So at the end of the term, we will return to the lender 133 euros. As for the fast loans, the interest of these financial products can range between 4 and 30% per month.

4 Can I apply for a quick loan without payroll and with ASNEF?

Yes, we can get an urgent loan without payroll or being in a file of defaulters or fulfilling both conditions at the same time. However, in exchange for the payroll, we must present documents proving that we have regular, regular and stable income, such as a pension, a self-employed receipt, a scholarship, etc. Finally, if we are in ASNEF, the private lenders will not grant us financing if our debt is contracted with a bank.

In addition, before hiring a quick loan we must be aware that we can repay the debt within the term established in the contract. If we do not do this, we would be committing a breach of contract, which would generate more costs in the form of commissions for claims, interest for late payment and our inclusion in a register of defaulters.