The Price of Accounts and the Doubling Of the Booklet A | Loan and Credit

As the preferred placement of the French with more than 60 million holders, Booklet A fully assumes its role of safe haven in this period of crisis. As the government reflects on Hollande’s promise to double the deposit ceiling, the decision is the subject of much criticism.

Some observers had immediately pointed out that this measure would be costly for the State because there would inevitably be large transfers from unregulated bank books or life insurance, which would then deprive the State of very low income. important because these taxed operations allow him to levy a tax.

The recommendations 

The recommendations 


Above all, remember that as an independent institution, the role of the Cour des Comptes is to control that public funds are used properly. It is also responsible in each of its reports to make recommendations to the public authorities, the latter being free to follow them.


The recent 300-page report on the financing of the economy makes a number of proposals to the government. For example, it suggests directing savings to those that pay for long-term savings. This is particularly the case for life insurance, which currently accounts for 30% of French investments.

It also recalls the patrimonial imbalance in households that tend for several years to favor real estate at the expense of savings deemed “productive”.

The Court of Auditors, while recalling the role played by regulated booklets in short-term savings thanks to total liquidity, points out that their attractiveness comes largely from the tax exemption they enjoy.

Thus, to counter the negative effects caused by the doubling of the ceiling of deposits, the Courts of Accounts emits the idea that the additional funds collected, that is to say beyond 15300 euros, be taxed. The report also states that these savings funds already have the necessary liquidity to play their role in financing social housing. She also suggests not raising the ceiling at one time and proceeding in stages.